MPSL20/02 - Request for Quotation

Quotations close at 5 p.m. on Thursday 30 July 2020.


Murdi Paaki Services Ltd invites quotations from suitably qualified expert providers to undertake consultancy for the completion of a Regional Economic Development Strategy for the Murdi Paaki Region.

The Terms of Reference for the consultancy work are as follows:

  • Identify regional initiatives across the Murdi Paaki region that can capitalise on factors that enable the growth of endowment-based industries. These initiatives would play a key role in the economic development of the Murdi Paaki region.
  • Identify opportunities from which commercial and industrial interests may leverage and develop specialisations with the Aboriginal Community within the Murdi Paaki region.
  • Document a step by step process to pursue specific economic opportunities
  • Identify Economic opportunities that flow from the Commonwealth and NSW Government Aboriginal Economic policy platforms within the Murdi Paaki region
  • Develop a duty statement to underpin the appointment of an Economic development officer position to be created and based in Cobar
  • Develop a draft Memorandum Of Understanding between the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly and the micro finance sector within the Murdi Paaki region


The Murdi Paaki Regional Economic Development Strategy needs to be finalised by the 11th September 2020.

For more information please click the following links for the MPSL20/02 Package.

- Regional Plan 

- Brewarrina Community Action Plan

- Broken Hill Community Action Plan

- Cobar Community Action Plan

- Collarenebri Community Action Plan

- Enngonia Community Action Plan

- Goodooga Community Action Plan

- Gulargambone Community Action Plan

- Ivanhoe Community Action Plan

- Lightning Ridge Community Action Plan

- Walgett Comunity Action Plan

- Weilmoringle Community Action Plan

- Wentworth/Dareton Community Action Plan

- Wilcannia Community Action Plan

Quotations are to be clearly marked MPSL20/02 to the attention of the MPSL CEO, via:

-       In person: 96 Marshall Street, Cobar, NSW, 2835;

-       Mail: PO Box 48, Cobar, NSW, 2835;

-       Email:

-       Enquiries to Smiley Johnstone on 0432 034 968

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