Barbara Flick

Barbara Flick is a Yuwaalaraay/Gamilaraay woman, born in Collarenebri. She has many years’ experience working in government and non-government sectors across a wide range of issues including land rights, community development, welfare reform, adult education, Aboriginal language maintenance and preservation, homeland resettlement, health, criminology, social justice and human rights. Barbara has worked in urban, rural and remote Australia and holds an interest in issues First Nations Peoples are confronted with globally. She has worked and sat on many committees including the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Council, National Aboriginal Education Consultative Committee, the Australian Law Reform Commission, Australian Health Ethics Committee into the Protection of Human Genetic Information and the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Rural and Remote Education Inquiry. Barbara Flick has dedicated her life to understanding and helping change the lives of First Nations People everywhere. She has a passion for the Health sector. She was awarded the Centenary Medal by the Australian Government for her contribution to Aboriginal Health and Education. 

Phone: 0428420091


Bourke Community Priorities and Priority Actions

- Support, encourage and reinforce our cultural ide


 particularly through collection and documentation of oral histories;

- Nurture and protect our children, teach them about the value of life, and immerse them in cultural practices and language;

- Assist our people to lead long, healthy and rewarding lives;

- Improve the governance of our local organisations and community groups and aspire to be fair, open, transparent, equitable and honest dealings with the community; and

- Create enterprises capable of bringing wealth to the community.