Housing and Infrastructure

MPRA seeks to ensure that Aboriginal people in western NSW have access to appropriate social housing and infrastructure. Our objectives are to secure accountability from social housing funding bodies for resourcing of social housing provision within the region, and to advance new solutions to secure affordable shelter and physical infrastructure services required for living in rural and remote environments. We:

  • Address lack of accountability on the part of housing agencies, by focusing on Aboriginal Housing Office engagement with communities and related accountability issues, and exploring equity in the manner in which funds have been allocated to the region.
  • Are developing a sustainable and affordable housing strategy for the region, focussing on rationalising the number of social housing providers operating across the region and streamlining management processes.
  • Identify and advocate for the satisfaction of housing needs, taking into account homelessness, crowding, housing needs of older people, access to emergency housing, needs of young people and those in the phase of family formation, and hostel accommodation for specific groups.
  • Promote access to affordable essential services, including renewable energy to mitigate the cost burden of services on household budgets.