Anthony Knight


Mr. Knight was born and raised in Bourke and is a Barkantji and Kunja man. He has 6 children and 2 grandchildren. We has resided in Weilmoringle for the last 26 years and sits on the Land Council as board member.

Contact: weilmoringlecwp@mpra.com.au


Weilmoringle Community Priorities and Priority Actions

- Advocate for an improvement in access to, and consistency of, health and human services provided into the community with particular reference to those requiring care for chronic disease;

- Advocate for initiatives and resources which allow the residents of Weilmoringle to enjoy the same quality and reliability of essential services as the broad community;

- Strengthen our capacity to create sustainable employment opportunities for ourselves and be skilled to take advantage of these opportunities; and

- Build stronger relationships with Weilmoringle Primary School with a view to encouraging the introduction of a greater range of support initiatives aimed at improving the quality of, and engagement of young children with, education. 

Weilmoringle Community Action Plan - November 2019