Democracy, Leadership and Citizenship

MPRA’s goal is to secure autonomy for the sovereign Aboriginal people of the Murdi Paaki region. We seek to ensure the sustainable and progressive evolution of MPRA and the CWPs as the legitimate framework for political leadership and governance, and plan strategically for the advancement of Aboriginal people in the region. We do this through:

  • Our governance framework.
  • Advocating for the recognition of our institutions, promoting the Community Working Party framework as the representative voice of our communities.
  • Planning for leadership succession, by fostering leadership aspirations in men and women of all age groups and equipping potential leaders with the skills and attributes needed to bring about generational transition in leadership.
  • Advocating for a rigorous framework of evidence-based decision-making, planning, delivery, measurement and evaluation of progress as a means to assert the principles of transparency and accountability.
  • Seeking to engage at a policy level with external authorities and organisations when it is in the strategic interests of the region to do so.