Who We Are

The Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly (MPRA) is the peak Aboriginal governance body for the Murdi Paaki Region representing the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout western NSW.

Membership of MPRA comprises Chairpersons or nominees from the sixteen Community Working Parties (CWPs), representatives of the Murdi Paaki Aboriginal Young and Emerging Leaders (MPAY&ELP), three NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) Councillors, and an independent Chairperson.

The Assembly performs a crucial role as both a 'gateway' and ‘checkpoint’ for implementing programs and providing services for Aboriginal people at the regional and community levels. The functions of the Regional Assembly are to:

  • Respect, maintain and recognise the special and unique customs and beliefs of the Aboriginal peoples living in the region
  • Advocate the interests of Aboriginal people in the region
  • Formulate, and revise from time to time, a Regional Plan to improve the economic, social, and cultural status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and communities of the region
  • Determine regional priorities
  • Assist, advise, and co-operate with the Commonwealth and State, Territory and local government bodies in the implementation of the regional plan
  • Assist, advise, and co-operate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, communities, Community Working Parties, and organisations in the implementation of Regional Plan.
  • Report to Community Working Parties on the operations of the Regional Governing Body, Commonwealth, State, Territory and Local Government, non government agencies and local organisations.
  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of programs and services delivered by government and non-government agencies for Aboriginal people living in the region · contribute to the co-ordination of the activities of Commonwealth, State and local government bodies that affect Aboriginal people living in the region
  • Develop policy proposals to meet national, State, regional, and local needs and priorities of Aboriginal peopleliving in the region
  • Report on the achievement of outcomes

 Summary of roles within the MPRA